Saturday, January 19, 2013


It would be an exaggeration to say that I don't believe in talent. Closer to the truth is that I think talent is generally overestimated. Everybody has some talent.  Some have a lot  and never accomplish anything, others have little and achieve much.  I don't think success has anything to do with talent.  It all depends what you do with your talent. Hard work,  the conviction that you are good at something, and most of all good luck are  what it takes. If you have a child never doubt his or her talent before you have created some interest.  How often have I heard someone say that he or she has no talent for math.  You soon find out that  there is not a lack of   talent, but absolutely no interest. How can you learn something you're not really interested in?  How can you become a good shoemaker if you're not interested in shoemaking?  And how can you be a good writer if you're not interested in people?

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  1. It’s a special moment when you realize a talent unknown before: I was collaborating at a video shooting for a trailer of a future stage performance. I never had any contact to video production but on that day I really felt a certain degree of talent in this.

    You want to know the truth?
    It was nothing but interest!