Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today's Germans try hard to prove that they don't deserve to be judged by the horrible crimes committed by Hitler Germany. This is why  most of them are sensitive to human rights and environment issues. Unfortunately this leads very often to moral hubris. Nowadays Germans are always ready to denounce other nations, e.g. those that still think nuclear energy is safe, seem to mistreat minorities or animals, drill for oil, permit the free sale of weapons etc. Lately they even scolded Jews and Muslims for their religious rites. Overcompensating their guilt complex and their historical trauma these "good Germans" tell the world how to behave decently. Again they suggest that they are better than the rest. I'm very doubtful that this is the way to achieve what my they long for most fervently: To be forgiven that they are German and to be loved at long last.

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