Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Scent Of Women

Recent studies have found large changes in cues and behavior when a woman is at the stage of peak fertility. Lap dancers get much higher tips. The pitch of a woman’s voice rises. Men rate her body odor as more attractive and respond with higher levels of testosterone. At this peak-fertility stage, women are more interested in going to parties and dance clubs, and they dress more attractively (as judged by both men and women). Some women’s attitudes toward their own partners also change, according to research by Dr. Haselton along with a U.C.L.A. colleague, Christina Larson, and Steven Gangestad of the University of New Mexico.


  1. Only countries belonging to the germanic-anglo-celtic-saxon legacy need "psychologic studies" to get to such a revelation. Thanks to heaven "recently" they have got it. A self-referential culture clash implosion is imminent. The rain in spain stays mainly in the plain, and out of spain the rain is painful shame.

    I listened to comments on Berlusconi yesterday on the radio. I can't tell you, I just can't tell you, you wouldn't anyway believe me. The more accurate I described it to you, the less you could believe me.

  2. I am visualizing the research of Dr. Haselton.

    That is this scientist who achieved his PhD on the question of human peak fertility. He claimed having executed a large serial of interviews, surveys and split ballots.

    After all, we got to know that Haselton had got a scholarship in order to write his thesis and that instead of doing this he skipped and disappeared together with his friends Christina Larson and Steven Gangstead for a long vacation trip. Unfortunately Mrs. Larson got pregnant during this trip although she was married by Mr. Larson years ago. And up to this day there was no single page of a thesis.
    During the return flight and while looking that movie with Al Pacino it was Mr. Haselton who had the idea of the thesis´ article “The scent of Woman”. The 200 pages manuscript was quickly written during the flight from Honolulu. Arriving at L.A.´s airport Mr. Haselton was thrilled to receive his PhD and Mrs. Larson was pleased to admiring the bouquet of flowers which Mr. Larson would carry in the arrivals hall. For science´s sake, she would whisper to her husband.

  3. cs, don't be so respectless with our defense minister. A propos, I have subscribed to the YouTube channel of Maibritt Illner (I adore her to the point that I pray to God to inspire Mike a libretto tailored on her talkshows). Today arrived a mail of hers (written by her step and fetcher... she is the plagiarist), because she (he... they...) wanted my opinion on the fact that 70% of KTvuzG's thesis is copy&paste...

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    Johannes of Salesbury - Metalogicon 3,4,46-50

    Furtherly I answered that we are in the Google-age where Johannes of Salesbury's wisdom has become evident!!! While it was veiled yet, when we were still in the type-writer age.

    Then it was obviously more enjoyable to write with one's own words the same things found in the texts. But in this age of glasnost it would be ridiculous to loose a lot of time with reformulating those texts, with circumscriptions and paraphrases. But for esthetic reasons one cannot put continuously speech marks... But what really counts is that he must be able to DISCUSS the thesis, that he is chief of the matter and how he did - with HIS 30% (which therefor has, or has to have, more weight than the 70% - embedd reciprocally, interconnecting with his own "Ariadne's thread" all the other quotes in order to draw a specific sense!