Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fame & Fortune

Fame and fortune do not change men. They only unmask them and reveal their true character.


  1. Maybe. But a character can change - by love.

  2. "Fame and fortune
    how empty they can be
    But when I hold you in my arms
    That's heaven to me
    Who cares for fame and fortune
    They're only passing things
    But the touch of your lips on mine
    Makes me feel like a king"

    Who was that king?

  3. Natura facit saltus said Brecht on his play "The Good Person of Szechwan", but that was on misfortune, rather than fortune. Also misfortune is actually revealing

    The most recent psychology says about the "self" that there is no such thing as the true character or a self, but there are only states and interfaces of our I.

    I agree very much that this level of interfaces exists, but the interfaces represent also different columns which are longign for a key brick. And the I is like an organ of our self. The identity and the interfaces are only the exoskeleton of the I.

    What a luck that love and lips exist, especially when there is no key brick.