Thursday, December 30, 2010


There is no guarantee that you will live longer if you never spoil yourself with those tempting unhealthy treats. But life will no doubt feel longer.


  1. That feeling makes you only long for more. I would like to have three lives. One just to try, one to learn how to live and then one to live, when I know. But I have only one.

  2. “But life will no doubt feel longer.”
    How do we know? Did you hear reports from people living out those treats? Could we trust? How can we compare people´s feeling of a long or short life? Isn´t this relative? (for instance depending on man´s age).
    My opinion: The chance that you will live longer without unhealthy treats is much higher than the setting of a long life feeling.

  3. We are speaking about something imponderable indeed. Yet, at the end the measure of everything is man himself. I think you both point on two of the major aspects of the question, both corrisponding to two different tempers. And I think we all oscillate from time to time between these two tempers. Very important, what you said on age. The more our age proceeds, the more everything seems to occure fast and faster. In the last phase of our life we all are like an object falling from far away towards planet earth and the more it gets near to earth, the more its fall is accelerating. This is our condition. Yet part of our condition is also awareness. And everyone is fundamentally trying to avoid (if not to stand) the awareness of death and acceleration. The human being is always - individually and collectively - immerged into the flux of attention and awareness specific and caracteristic of the moment and will try to manage this flux more or less intentionally & unaware, but always according one's own experiences with desire and fragility. Hence different strategies for happyness: fresh, sober, cheerful Good Morning Hamburg on one hand, and Saint Pauli's promises promises on the other hand.