Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aaron Talkin' About Face Book


  1. After the invention of the letterpress people started to say that all those novels (read by the then few people who were not illiterates) were increasing alienation and crime. Then the reproach was adressed to TV and now to the internet.

    Everything has to be used the right way. I am even happy about the alienation which a good book can give me. Facebook is really new, because never before we had such an opportunity to spy the lives of people we do not know already if we really want to know them, and this gives us the opportunity to participate with discussions and meet points of view we never would have dreamt of before! And sometimes this channel can lead also to a new type of friendship. No, I disagree with Aaron. Facebook is essentally the possibility to tune the distance and the degree of sharing beyond the natural aut aut.

    The whole internet - together with airplanes - makes us stay all too close and the planet is becoming too small. But this statement reflects only my personal taste and is another question.

  2. @ Epi: “The whole internet … makes us stay all too close…”
    Be assured that a lot of people do take benefit of your posts in this blog and in particular of your own blogspot, that I like to indicate hereby:

    We don´t need to know how often the day Aaron Sorkin takes a shower, neither what Michael is practising in frustrating instants. But as grown ups, using the internet, we really take great advantage by you literate folks!!
    Otherwise children. They should be educated in order to get an internet drivers licence.

  3. Thank you, dear cs.

    The internet is a wonderful thing for what once ago was called "penfriends".

    A new culture of correspondence could be born again through the mailing-lists! It has become so rare that men comunicate by letter around an argument in the attentive, disciplined way, that was still normal and rich of Erlebnis for Sholem & Benjamin or J√ľnger & Schmitt.

    But until now most mailing-lists are not well written and the contributions are of no good quality even in the specialized mailing-lists. Up to now I know only one exception:

    As with the TV-programm things need time to become better.

    Yes, I agree, a driver's licence would be good, and a deontology which regulates the net and the work of who works for and with the net as well. But how can we make sure that this deontology won't get abused by censorship? A lot of things are to do!!

    We need great "censores" which have to create an institution of strong censors.

    And we need great "tribuni plebis" which must create strong IT-unions.