Monday, July 12, 2010

Technique and Creativity

Leonardo da Vinci was obsessively secretive about his techniques for mixing paints. Of course no formula for pigment or mineral spirits would allow anyone to paint like da Vinci. We tend to regard such protectiveness silly until we realize that we're acting in no way smarter. Most people put more trust in their techniques than in their creative powers. I do confess to be one of them.


  1. I am sure, that your creative powers are stronger than you think...

  2. These are two separate notions!
    Firstly the protectiveness of knowledge: It is that what distinguishes the artist from the teacher.
    Secondly and apart from the first , the overemphasis of techniques: This is necessary and prior-ranking at your office´s desk. We can be sure to get enough of creative power at moments like this: Sitting on a terrace en luberon at dusk and feeling the smooth breath of air coming from the sea.