Friday, June 4, 2010

Truth Is...

"Ain't no son of a bitch alive knows what's gonna be a hit."
Ray Charles


  1. But he musta knowed sumpn when he went, "Georgia..."

  2. A hit is a hit. But who is hitting, who is hitted? I don´t understand the meaning (or genesis) of this word.

  3. @cs -

    I think this is comparable to the German "Schlager", as in: "es schlaegt ein" (it hits).
    The song hits the charts, and it hits the taste of the masses. And the public is hit by the effect of the piece. A hit is also a strong push into some form of action. It may make you cry, or start dancing, or spend money on the CD or a concert ticket.

    A fun game of redundancy: "He nailed it with his hit!" Which leads us into a different arena of inter-linguistic play. "He nailed it" means "er hat genagelt". Which in the context of rock stars and groupies and the double-meaning of this German phrase makes this a redundant redundancy. Or something like that. :)

    Forgive me. It's late night here in Texas.