Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Idea

Mozart's music is thought to stimulate the mind. But can it also stimulate microbes? A sewage treatment plant in the German town of Treuenbrietzen, about an hour’s drive from Berlin, is trying to find out. For the last two months, the plant has been treating its biomass-eating microbes to Mozart played on a special stereo system designed to replicate the vibrations and sounds of a performance in a concert hall. The thinking is that the sonic waves of Mozart, along with oxygen added in the treatment process, will spur the microbes to break down sewage more efficiently, saving money. Or, to put it clearly: There's no shit in this world that can't be overcome by Mozart's music. 


  1. Don't let the word get out on this! I can already hear the red necks and other Hinterwaeldler types gleaming self-righteously: "See, I told you - Mozart's music is worth shit!"

  2. Treuenbrietzen is behind the times and this is due to its mayor´s upbringung with too much military marshes in Eastern Germany. In the western world everybody knew that Mozart´s music has to be sounded 24 hours per day during pregnancy. It is a simple arithmethic, that applying Mozart at young microbes is useful as well. It is always a question of what neurons like mostly. Some – for example in Asia – like very much the so called sixte ajoutée.