Friday, January 2, 2015


On New Year’s Day New York’s number one theatre website TheaterMania peered into its crystal ball and told musical fans what may be in store for the year to come. Here’s what the editorial staff wrote:

As another year dawns, we wait with bated breath for the big news sure to come down the pike from the always dramatic and surprising world of theater. Who but the most clairvoyant would have guessed that Andrew Lloyd Webber was writing the score to School of Rock — The Musical, set to bow this year on Broadway? While few can anticipate such epic curveballs, we at TheaterMania have some hunches about the big stories to come in the next 365 days. Here are five predictions for 2015:

1. The Tony Showdown of the Season: Finding Neverland vs. Doctor Zhivago

This awards season, the big contest will be between mega-musicals Finding Neverland and Doctor Zhivago.

2. Hell Freezes Over: Rock of Ages Transfers off-Broadway

3. Hamilton Mints a Fresh New Pulitzer Prize
Lin-Manuel Miranda in rehearsal with the cast of Hamilton, his new musical set to play the Public Theater starting January 20.

4. Tony's Perennial Silver Medalist, Kelli O'Hara, Finally Strikes Gold.
Kelli O'Hara has spent the better part of the last decade racking up Tony nominations, but for some reason, she hasn't been able to seal the deal. We predict the Sweet Smell of Success will finally waft her way.

5. Last Night We Dreamt We Went to Manderley Again: Rebecca Returns
Rebecca the Musical has had a tough three years since it first announced plans to open at Broadway's Broadhurst Theatre in early 2012. But even though the production still hasn't made its debut on the Great White Way, this musical (like its nameless heroine) has proved that it has an indomitable spirit. Despite four postponements resulting from lack of funding — and one bizarre case of an investor first thought to have died and then found to have never existed — Rebecca just won't say uncle. That's why we're putting our (theoretical) money behind this scrappy underdog and predicting that Rebecca the Musical will finally make its name on Broadway in 2015.


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