Monday, September 8, 2014

Doctor Zhivago On Broadway

Lucy Simon is best known for her wonderful musical "The Secret Garden" which was a huge worldwide success. I've known her for a dozen years now, and I can say she's not only an incredibly talented composer but also a wonderful person. It's hard to understand why Broadway ignored her for many years. But no longer. Early next year she will have another show on the rialto. Lucy's musical adaptation of Doctor Zhivago is expected to begin performances at the Broadway Theater in the spring of 2015. She had to wait long enough. The show is in the pipe since at least ten years. After a long creative period of work with with lyricists Michael Korie (Grey Gardens) and Amy Powers (Sunset Boulevard) and bookwriter Michael Weller (Spoils of War, the movie "Hair"), Doctor Zhivago premiered at La Jolla Playhouse in 2006. After extensive rewrites it ran in 2011 at Sydney's Lyric Theatre in Australia. Anita Waxman, a longtime Broadway producer, is right now completing deals to start Zhivago in New York.

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