Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Gentleman: What you write about my sister and me is all nonsense. I'm not reading Blox, I don't even know what that is, I'm half-blind and have better things to do. My assistant, Emma Lazarus, found your stupid remarks on my late sister's relationship with me. It was all the other way round. Joan envied me all her life. All she achieved she owes to me. She always felt second class, and she was. That's why she played the part of "I" in Rebecca so well. She did not have to act "to be not good enough". And because she always looked at me with a suspicious mind, she did not have to act in Suspicion either. And why should I grudge her dying first? I'm the older one, and I survived her. No small achievement. Apart from all that we were loving sisters.

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  1. Gentleman: Who or what is "I"? My sister played the part of the second Mrs. De Winter as far as I remember. She played a woman, not a letter nor a roman number. My agent is a daily reader of your blox and she told me that sometimes you are telling fairy tales. Go on but let my sister rest in peace. I tell you a secret: Selznick wanted Loretta, Anne, Vivien, and ME, but not my sister.