Wednesday, August 21, 2013


There are a too many smart asses in this world pretending to be experts although they have only a faint idea what they are talking about. They never dig deep, but they always find "the truth". They know a bit of everything, but they don't really know anything. They gather some facts and neglect all others.  They make up their minds before they inform themselves, being only interested in substantiating their prejudice. Why in the world do most of them become journalists? Maybe they are attracted by the opportunity to live on some inborn talent to chatter about everything without any real knowledge. Matter of fact is that these shallow "intellectuals" find their playground all too often in a print or digital medium. I know well that there are some excellent, scrupulous and assiduous journalists - my father was one, and some of my best friends are. They hate those colleagues that give their profession a bad name. Unfortunately they are exceptions to the rule. 

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