Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My friend, Sylvester, and I spent the last week in a London Sound Studio to record demos for a new show. In many ways it was a journey back in time. Studios like the Battersea's Sphere used to be our second home for almost twenty years. As I revisited the past, I was amazed how familiar all still was: The engineer, the technical assistant, the singers and musicians (though all a generation younger), the mikes and stands, and even the gold records on the wall of the hallway. Well, the old 24-track-Studer was sadly standing in a corner, of course, because recording went digital long ago. But it was still there. And the Neve mixing console still dominated the control room. In such a studio you forget whether you are in Philadelphia, Munich, Seoul, Tokyo or London. Not only do the studios look alike, the people you meet there resemble each other. Race, language, age are irrelevant. It's all about making good music and getting it well recorded.

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