Friday, February 8, 2013

Thank you, Al!

Not long ago, Al Pacino was Inside the Actors' Studio where he gave a wonderful interview. With respect to the large variety of roles he has played, he said: "You're as good as the chances you take". That is a proud and self-assured sentence, and it made me thinking. All creative people - and aren't we all creative people? - should expand their range, constantly trying to do new and daring things. Anything less is no challenge, and if you are not challenged, you're really not at your best. There is of course always the risk to fail. Even the best of us reach limits. Finding out where those limits are is one of the reasons we take chances. If we're afraid to fail we don't deserve to be talented. Better to fail trying something new than keep on following those worn-out paths. Regarding my own work: Maybe the musical in general doesn't need innovation, but I need to change the style and themes of my musicals or I betray myself.


  1. Expanding your range isn’t without risks. The ability of playing a lot of musical instruments restricts the performance’s quality of each of them. Regarding my work: It is more a kind of satisfying my curiosity than of expanding my range.

  2. "If we're afraid to fail we don't deserve to be talented."

    Fantastic quote! Is it the one you'd like to be remembered by?

  3. @Achim: It is just what I believe in, even if I have to confess that I'm more often afraid than not.