Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coffee To Rave About

I found an incredible coffee-to-go shop in London which deserves being recommended. There is a choice between coffee from the espresso machine and filter coffee. If you choose the latter - which I did - they grind coffee beans especially for you, pour the powder in a filter and brew the coffee as you wait. You see it drip directly into the paper cup. Not very economical, I admit, but obviously successful. Each time I go there to pick up my hourly dose, I have to stand in line. I don't mind though, the shop is filled with smells of warm pastry the likes you can only find in Vienna. Next time you're in London, go to Monmouth Street in the West End and spoil yourself. 


  1. That sounds very good. But homemade is much better than produced by a machine anyway.

  2. Regard Michaels photo taken from the other side of the street and guess who is enqueuing: A load of germans spilling out of a big german car!

  3. @cs - it looks more like a "load of English" to me. Click on the photo for a larger view and you'll recognize an English license plate on that Mercedes.