Sunday, October 17, 2010


A broke, struggling actor in New York was asked by a friend to take care of his "grandfather's semi-automatic typewriter" while he went away for the weekend. Prior to this the actor had never seen writing as anything but a chore to be gotten through for a school assignment. The planets aligned that Friday night, making it especially conducive to writing. It was raining and the TV was kaput, and the house sitter realized, "There was literally nothing to do on this Friday night but stick a piece of paper in my friend's grandfather's semi-automatic typewriter and see if I could entertain myself that way." He stayed up all night typing dialogue, and caught the writing bug for good. A few weeks later he had written his first script which was picked up by an agent. Today the former actor is the world's number one screenwriter. Quite rightly so, because currently nobody writes more intelligent and better structured films. Just watch "The West Wing", "A Few Good Men" or "Social Network", gems created by the one and only Aaron Sorkin.

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