Friday, December 12, 2008


"Making the complicated simple - that's creativity."
Charles Mingus


  1. And making the simple complicated - that´s policy.

  2. Reading this verdict one could think of a highly educated author. But it is nothing more than the description of a bassist´s job.

  3. On one hand I agree with Mingus's statement, firstly because I anyway love pragmatic ideas and secondly because - as Saint Exupery puts it - "perfection will be reached not when nothing can be added, but when nothing more can be taken away".
    On the other hand I ask myself whether so much flat simpleness around us shouldn't allarm us and remember us that it is not enough to make complicated things become simple; maybe creativity is as far from overcomplicated constructions, as it is far from oversimplyfied patterns.

    Maybe it is a mere question of temperament, whether the goal should be simpleness or complexity. A simple mind will search for complexity, a complex mind will long for simpleness.