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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"I've been working with audiences for thirty years or more, in different venues. And I've never met an audience that wasn't collectively smarter than I am, and didn't beat me to the punch every time."
David Mamet


  1. Standing or punching ovations?

  2. Thank you for introducing this author; I immediatly felt the desire to see a piece of his

  3. @epitimaios: See or read "Oleanna". It's one of the best plays of our time.

  4. Thank you very much for the hint! I can't wait to do that (and to read some librettos... BEFORE listening to the music... I adore the melodie of "Ein Traum von Königin", which reminds me to Rossini. I am terribly slow... epitimaios bradypus needs some Gepäckerleichterung. Isn't it a striking proof of the imperfection of nature, that bradypuses have to get down from their trees when they must do their business? All the creationists and darwinistic herbalists blathering about how wonderful is nature should do other jobs. "We will need mailmen also after the revolution!" has always been one of my favorite sayings.