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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Writer's Truth

Every good story reveals the writer's heart and soul. It is not coincidential which tale you choose to tell. Certain stories touch you, others, though maybe more interesting to others, leave you cold. I actually feel an inner connection, almost an intimate relationship, to certain historical individuals. That makes me often believe they want me to tell their story. As I start researching and structuring, I often realize that the story's theme has something to do with my own life. There's usually a dilemma - a choice between two ways of equal value - which is mirroring problems I had to solve or wish I could solve. In the decicive last third of any good story the protagonist needs to make a decision. It's necessarily the decision the writer approves of.

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  1. A frame story could be a way of expressively writing about that story’s theme personally touching you (respectively the protagonist of the frame story) .