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Sunday, April 18, 2010


"Of course, my confessions probably aren't nearly as interesting as yours."
(WARP in "The New Yorker" April 12, 2010)


  1. “Mathilda, please, stop arguing and comparing our life in sin. Better you tell me some news of our son Michael. What is his current grade in religion?”

  2. "Sorry, his name isn´t Michael but Mathew and I am not Mathilda. Last time you called me Coco."

  3. I just have to share this article from "The Onion" with you. It reports on the pope's efforts to reduce pedophilia to 'acceptable levels'. (Zum Bruellen komisch!),17201/

  4. This is my sign of remorse: All comments of the day should be deleted.

  5. The catholic religion seems to be the only one capable to provide us with laughter.

    One might think, that the teasing of priests is as old as the administration of religions. But who knows... The grim protestant earnest doesn't love very much smiling about itself and could also figure as a relic of archaic fear in front of the inviolable holy. Up to now a figure like Don Camillo doesn't exist at all in the protestant world (and I do not know the other religious cultures). Even the up-dated version of Don Camillo (Sister Hanna) and Peppone (Mayor Wolfgang Wöller) in the german TV is still catholic. I know only one funny story occuring in Luther's tradition, it is about a regional bishop. He once saw the anguish in the faces which his sermon had produced in a church in Stuttgart. So he suddenly added "Don't worry so much! Who knows if what I told you is really true!".

    The orthodox mentality has a dimension of allowance in front of humour. At least in Yugoslavia there is a wonderful film from 1957 about two Popes living and working in the same area, both obviously married and both trying to cope with the needs of their job and their wives.

  6. The name of the movy is "Pope Čira and Pope Spira", directed by So(fi)ja Jovanović. Stevan Sremac was the author of the novel with the same title.